Q: What is Monster Hooks made of?
A: Monster Hooks are made of Solid Forged Titanium-Based Steel, with Chrome Plated or Satin black finish.

Q: How heavy is a Monster Hook?
A: A whopping 25lbs.

Q: How strong is a Monster Hook?
A: Rated at over 40,000lbs. Break load at 93,000lbs. (Never exceed hitch, pin, or vehicle ratings)

Q: What colors are available in Monster Hooks?
A: Standard colors are Chrome & Powder Coat Black, but it does not end here. We offer a wide range of custom colors: from solid powder to transparent powder coats. And if that’s not enough, we offer extreme custom designs from a series of flames, camouflage and even carbon fiber designs. The options are endless!

Q: Why choose a Monster Hook?
A: Monster Hooks are Simple, Safe, and Strong. Best of all, you can use 2 straps instead of 1 by using double tow points from the bogged vehicle’s front tow hooks. This reduces one sided drag and allows an even pull.